Our Story



This trio of friends formed in high school when after years of friendship James and Bryce both became close with Ian. As our friendship developed throughout high school and into college the creative juices began flowing. While catching up over Facetime, James  at UVM in Vermont and Bryce at UBC in Vancouver got to talking about plans for the summer and began formulating the beginnings of what would eventually become Cheese Louise. Soon Ian, who studies in New Mexico at UNM was on board and the idea began to grow into a reality.

Back in high school we always talked about how The Mount Washington Valley needed a food truck. This summer we decided to take the plunge and make it happen! We have always been foodies and although none of us have had formal culinary education, we have had years of experience cooking for friends and family. What we have done at Cheese Louise is taken a simple concept - Grilled Cheese - and added an artisan flare! This being our first summer of operation we are constantly learning and adapting our ways, never settling for good enough and always trying new things! Our dream is for Cheese Louise become not just a convenient and tasty stop, but a sought after destination for both locals and visitors of the Mount Washington Valley.